Listed below are some of the web app and mobile app development projects I have been involved in.


This is the latest project I have been working on for quite some time. The initial version of the mobile app and its backend is live and can be found on this page The project has pivoted multiple times since its inception as we learn more and more about the Ethiopian consumer market and the capabilities of the country’s infrastructure and the potential return on our investment.

2merkato Tenders

This is the first big web project I have ever developed, and it’s been online for more than 10 years in one form or another. It has two web components and a mobile app. One of the web apps is used locally (offline) by our encoders and the other one runs online at

Crowed Sourced Data Gathering Mobile App

I developed this mobile app to help speed up and automate the data gathering process for our local listing app (megbia). The survey app was used internally by our data gathering team to collect as much information as possible about local businesses by going door-to-door in selected neighborhoods of the city.

2merkato Construction

The intention of this web app/mobile app is to provide construction material price and labor wage updates regularly through a subscription business model. However, we haven’t really devoted much resource and time to it due to the construction niche’s size in the country. But we are still publishing updates regularly and the service is appreciated by our audiences.


This is an internal tool used by our staff for marketing, invoicing, and subscription contract management.


I created this SaaS web app after my failed attempt to start a third-party store on In 2015/16 I registered an LLC in the US and sourced a product from China to sell on I did all of this while living in Addis Ababa without traveling anywhere. However, my business plan failed because the product didn’t sell well. But I learned a great deal about the Amazon Marketplace Web Services in the process. After liquidating the unsold stock I had in the Amazon warehouse, I created Leanseller to provide service to 3rd party sellers. I run the app for about a year and managed to get a few users. In 2017, I sold it to SellerCloud.


I created this website by leveraging the openly and freely available higher education institutions’ data from the US Department of Education website. Every year, the department publishes survey data of higher education institutions that participate in the Title IV program.

Website Marketing Tool

This is a private project and I don’t really have a name for it. I use it to market websites I create to generate side income. The tool helps me analyze backlink profiles of websites and run an email outreach campaign to acquire backlinks for my websites.