The first version of this app is currently being used by thousands of users in Addis Ababa to order food from their favorite restaurants. It also provides information on local businesses, similar to the one you see on Yelp (minus the reviews).

The whole system is made up of 4 components.

A web app: this is the backend of the system where our call center agents receive delivery orders and dispatch them to restaurants and delivery drivers. Due to the lack of tech awareness amongst our restaurant partners and delivery drivers, we are unable to fully automate this process. We rely on call agents to coordinate the dispatch process manually.

Customer’s app: This is the first version of the app and can be downloaded from the Google play store.

Driver’s app: This app is used by delivery drivers to receive order assignments and send delivery status updates to the backend.

Merchant’s app: This app was intended to be used by our restaurant partners to automatically receive orders and communicate the orders’ status with our system but sadly it hasn’t achieved much traction. We rely heavily on voice calls to communicate with restaurants.

Version 2.

In version 2 of this system, I have added a ride-hailing system that takes Addis Ababa’s lack of proper street naming practice into consideration. Here are a few screenshots:

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admin (2)
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Tech stack: Laravel, Redis Streams, Reactjs, Flutter, Leafletjs, Meilisearch, Grafana Loki, monit, Promtail